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A Little Bit About Being In A Team .............

2016 Area 10 Novice Show Jumping Winning Team from FDRC
(L to R) Linda, Anne, Julia & Sarah


For the past few years, we have asked members to make a small payment (£10) towards the cost of the BRC competition entry fees and towards the costs incurred by helpers (when we enter a team or more than two individuals, we have to send a number of helpers to the event and we feel that it is right to offer them some payment towards mileage).  Currently, FDRC is one of a handful of clubs that does not expect members to pay the entry fee for a BRC competition.  There are two fees which have to be paid to enter a BRC competition; a Preliminary Fee which goes to BRC Head Office and then the Entry Fee which goes to the club organising the event. 


As entry fees rise and club income reduces (due to competition from other events in the area, we now no longer run an Annual Open Show which would be our main income revenue for the year), we are now in a position that we can no longer cover the entire entry fee.  However, we would like to continue to heavily subsidise the entry fee and encourage our members to take part in BRC competitions.


Therefore the following fees will apply to members wishing to take part in a qualifier, both individual and/or teams and per class entered.   If a member is then successful in getting through to the National Championships, the club will pay  all of the entry fee and part or all of any overnight stabling fees.   


If a member is unable to attend the competition they have agreed to take part in, then we will have to ask for the outstanding part of the entry fee to be paid.  If a BRC event is cancelled, all paid fees will be returned to the member or held over until the event is re-scheduled. 


Show Jumping classes - £15/class                                                   Dressage classes - £15/class
Combined Training/Arena Eventing etc - £20/class                       Eventing - £40/class


Once a member has asked to take part in a BRC qualifier, the Team Manager will ask for the necessary payment to be made via club entries. If this payment is not received prior to the closing date of the Preliminary Entry Fee date, you will not be able to take part in the competition.  The Team Manager will also email you a form to complete (information which is required for the BRC entry forms) and to sign the declaration that you agree to the above in regards to fees).


We have to provide a helper for every team or two individuals entered. Failure to do so could mean the riders not being allowed to take part. A possible reason for members not putting their name forward as a helper is  that they do not know exactly what the jobs they may be asked to do involve. So to that end we have put together a sheet which outlines briefly what you might be expected to do.
Click here for the 

PLEASE NOTE: All riders should either wear one of the Club Saddle Cloths or purchase an FDRC Badge and sew it on their own saddle cloth.  Badges can be purchased from your Team Manager.

Teams are always happy to have Club supporters at a show - so feel free to come along and cheer on your team or do it while being a helper.

So in conclusion, we would love you to compete in a team and have an active policy in this club of giving everyone who would like to be in a team a chance to represent the Club and not keep it  to the elite few.  But we do need you to make sure before you say you will do a particular team competition that you are free on that day, have transport, an up to date passport & and can keep the date clear. 

Team Helpers Charter
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