A Little Bit About Being In A Team .............

2016 Area 10 Novice Show Jumping Winning Team from FDRC
(L to R) Linda, Anne, Julia & Sarah

We very much want our Members to be in teams for all disciplines on behalf of the FDRC and to enjoy a day out competing with fellow Club Members.  Doing well is a bonus and enjoyable for all those concerned but as they say – it’s the taking part that counts.  Being in a team is open to ALL club members who wish to take part.

Team Events are listed on the website under the EVENTS  page and will be updated as necessary - but as they appear on our calendar a notification that we are seeking Team Members for an event will be sent round by email and placed on our Facebook page - please respond to these if you wish to be in a certain team.

Agreeing  to be in a team is a commitment both to fellow team members and to the Club and should not be agreed to unless you fully intend to go to the competition and compete as entry fees paid by the Club can be hundreds of pounds so when entry fees are submitted you should be committed.  

You will need to make sure you fulfill the criteria laid out in the schedule eg. points/winnings/age etc. and are available on the competition date.  Schedules are available on our Schedules Page

For Area 10 Competitions you need to have submitted an up to date copy of your horses passport to the team manager  - the pages with the horses name on plus a record of ALL vaccinations on the passport before the Preliminary entries go in to the BRC. 

ON THE DAY of the Competition, especially if it is an Area 10 Competition  you must  arrive in time to present your hat & body protector (if you are wearing one)  for checking & tagging and your horses passport for checking against date chart and BRC data base.  Leave plenty of time before your riding time for this procedure as there is sometimes a long queue.

Your Team Manager for the day will arrive in time to declare the team before any of of the team ride and will be on hand to assist you during the day.

For all the up to date info & rules about on hats/body protectors/vaccination etc. checks go to our Links Page

At Area 10 Competitions and some others,  when the Club submits an entry they have to supply two named half day/full day helpers (as stated in the schedule)  per team and one half /full day helper per two individuals  who are each committed to help even if the team drops out. Clubs can send more than one name to cover the Club's allocated slots per team/individual and therefore the more helpers who come forward - the less time they actually have to help on the day.

Helpers are hard to find and we  are trialling for 2019 a HELPERS CHARTER which offers traveling expenses in return for their time and a sub from the riders to cover this cost as they can not compete without the helpers giving up their time.



1. All designated FDRC Helpers for Area Team Competitions organised by another club may
   claim  travel expenses of 45ppm

2. All FDRC team members and /or individual riders competing at a competition organised by
    the BRC or another club will pay a sub of £10.00 per horse which will go towards the helpers/club
    expenses. This can be paid by using http://clubentries.com/favershamrc/ 

3. Should a rider be able to provide a helper e.g. parent/partner/friend/relation the helper may
    claim the travel allowance and that rider will not have to provide a £10.00 sub.

4. All team members should put their name forward to help at a club run or  team event at           
    least once a year to repay the favour – we do not pay helpers expenses for any competitions
    organised by the FDRC.

Another possible reason for members & supporters not putting their name forward that they do not know exactly what the jobs they may be asked to do involve. So to that end we have put together a sheet which outlines briefly what you might be expected to do.


Teams are always happy to have Club supporters at a show - so feel free to come along and cheer on your team or do it while being a helper.

Please remember - if a Club can not find the appropriate number of helpers for a team or individuals then the team/individuals CANNOT compete - so helpers are very important.

So in conclusion, we would love you to compete in a team and have an active policy in this club of giving everyone who would like to be in a team a chance to represent the Club and not keep it  to the elite few.  But we do need you to make sure before you say you will do a particular team competition that you are free on that day, have transport, an up to date passport & and can keep the date clear.